Introduction to Business Analysis

Business Analysis

Are you curious about Business Analysis and how it can help you?

Learn a foundational knowledge in business analysis, focusing on core concepts, tools, and techniques as outlined in Project Management Institute (PMI) and International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the associated certifications, Professional in Business Analysis and Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA™).

Business Analysis

Introduction to Business Analysis
Virtual or In Person

This 4-hour course offers an integrated overview of key business analysis concepts, tailored for professionals aiming to enhance their skills in line with PMI-PBA and ECBA™ standards. Participants will engage in interactive sessions covering essential topics such as requirements elicitation, analysis, planning, monitoring, and strategy analysis. The course emphasizes practical tools and techniques, supplemented with real-world case studies and group discussions. Designed to cater to both aspiring and current business analysts, this course provides a solid foundation in business analysis principles, preparing attendees for further certification and professional growth. 

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