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When it comes to Project, Program, and Portfolio Management, think of us as the partner you need in times of change. Whether you are looking to grow or lean out, start a new program, or finish a project that is taking longer than anticipated, we are here to help. With our decades of experience across a variety of industries, we can support you enroute to the finish line. Our experts can enter the picture at any point in a project’s lifespan to assist in achieving your strategic goals, whatever they may be. Reach out today to see how Mana’olana International can help! 


Not knowing where you are in a project and failing to accurately anticipate a project’s trajectory are often the two most likely reasons for the failure of a project. That’s where an experienced, intelligent project business analyst can prove invaluable. With decades of relevant experience, Mana’olana International’s Business Analysis Practice is here to help. We can help your team from start-to-finish, ensuring that goals, specifications, and outcomes all align. Let Mana’olana International help you avoid any and all shortcomings with your next project.  


Effectiveness is paramount within an organization. Getting your enterprise to be as close to a zero-waste entity as possible is our number one goal. By utilizing cycles of planning, design, deployment, and delivery, our Enterprise Architecture consultants can help define implementation governance and unify and project migration. We lean on our experience and expertise to determine how you can effectively achieve both your current and future objectives. The value of Enterprise Architecture is the security in knowing that all of your organization’s components are working toward a common goal.


Mana’olana International offers a multifaceted Continuous Improvement approach. First, we can assist with an organization's transformation by accurately identifying the underlying problems, figuring out their root causes, and working toward a path for resolution. Then, we can provide a thorough analysis of the contributing factors and provide solution alternatives. By educating all levels of the business on their roles in the Continuous Improvement framework, we optimize the likelihood of a smooth transition.


Organizations often focus so much on the technical side of change that they often neglect the other key component in the change equation: the people. Our goal is to help merge technology, processes, and people together. We do that through communication and coordination. When you make a big technical change, you must ensure that the people affected by those changes can adjust accordingly. Whether it’s leadership alignment or stakeholder engagement, communication or change impact and readiness, training, or organizational design, it all needs to be considered. If not, those upgrades will not be utilized effectively. Our expert organizational change managers will help bring a structured framework and set of tools for leading the people side of change to achieve your desired outcome.


Mana’olana is committed to assisting organizations in many ways, and one of the often-overlooked areas that businesses could benefit from paying more attention to is during transitions. We can help transition from outgoing to incoming executives by doing an executive knowledge transfer. If there is an expansion, we can even serve as interim executives while a permanent individual is identified and on-boarded. We can help deliver a strategic assessment for incoming leaders, along with an execution plan for how best to address it. Additionally, we can help with a gap analysis, to reassure all involved that things are still trending in the right direction. Whatever the need may be, we can work with your team to decipher what the best avenues are, and what the best processes would be to succeed.


Mana’olana International offers a full slate of training options in the service areas we cover, like Project Management, Business Analysis, Continuous Improvement, TOGAF, Agile, and Scrum Training. We can work to bring your team up to speed with these approaches and concepts so that, moving forward, you can take on a lot of these changes and challenges in-house.

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